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Why Christianity Will Always Appear More Extreme Over Time.

This graph is one of those… ‘a picture is worth a 1,000 words!’ The Bible remains constant because it contains absolutes, while a secular society is in a constant state of flux, and usually with a downward trend. When I hear the word ‘FLUX’, I can’t help but think of ‘the flux capacitor’ from the 1980’s movie BACK TO THE FUTURE! What a different world that was! Think of how much has changed and whether or not those changes were for the better or for worse. Here are some catch phrases that have appeared since then.

“I’m OK, you’re OK” “What’s true for you is true for you and what’s true for me is true for me”

“You can create your own reality”

Here we are halfway into 2023 and so many things are being re-defined! Things that were once solid and unchangeable in society are now in a state of ‘FLUX.’ Think about the dramatic changes to the definitions of FAMILY, MARRIAGE, MORALS and now even GENDER! They are all in a state of ‘FLUX.’

One statement that still continues to amaze me is the phrase “sex assigned at birth.” This phrase has suddenly arisen in society as if biology is no longer a valid and constant indicator of being male or female. How bizarre and confusing this must be for the next generation and think of the mental health issues this will cause.

But Christianity and Biblical Morals, as the graph shows have remained unchanged and are both the voice of reason and of conviction (conscience). Genesis 5:2 “Male and female God created them, when they were created, and he blessed them.” It’s hard for me to think of this rationale as extreme or hateful and yet it has become contentious and is considered hate speech. I know moms and dads who won’t stand firm on the truth for fear that their child will take their life. And ironically, the statistics show a 20% suicide rate for those who do transition.

Pornography continues to affect families and take people down paths they later regret that is why Rhode Island Family Institute has developed a seminar to address porn and strengthen your family called ‘The Porn-Free Family.’ We will be in 4 churches in the next few months and we would love to visit your church. Call 401-285-0304 to schedule or email

P.S. While we are still connected and networked with Focus on The Family, ADF and Family Policy Alliance we are now an independent corporation. This was always the plan but first required growth on our part. The legal fees to incorporate, develop our website and purchase software has left us with a debt of $10k. We are asking God to help us pay this off. If you believe in what we are doing is important would you help us with a generous gift and sign up to become a monthly partner. You can do so on our website. or using this QR Code.

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