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Transgender Suicide: The Tragedy and the Truth

Rhode Island Family Institute has been raising the red flag on gender ideology being taught in RI Public Schools since 2019. Back then, I met with Ken Wagner, then Commissioner of Education but I was disappointed to find he supported it wholeheartedly. So, I asked for a public hearing and gathered a group of pastors and church leaders to attend. Commissioner Wagner gave us the meeting but stacked the room with professional counselors, teachers and parents who were all pro-transgender and we were outnumbered.

With great emotion their focus was the “suicide argument.” I wish I knew four years ago what I know now! The facts do not support their claim, and sadly, it’s just the opposite. Hopefully this video will open your eyes to the truth.

Three studies show that post-op transexuals have the highest suicide rate of all people on this planet, so don’t believe the lie because it’s from the pit of hell and that “LIE” may actually take the life of your child or grandchild!

What is the answer? Most people are not familiar with the facts. Use our free download that many have found helpful to guide you concerning gender confusion.

The Bible verse that always comes to mind when I think about the challenges the next generation faces is Deuteronomy 30:19 and it says, “I place before you, Life and Death, Blessing and Curse. Choose Life so that you and your children will live.”

For Faith and Family in RI,

David Aucoin Rhode Island Family Institute

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1 Comment

Brian Hall
Brian Hall
Jan 07, 2023

Talk about LIES, your article is rife with them. Professionals on the subject matter disagree with you, and yet you, a hobbyist bigot, declare that a single video on the internet proves your opinion to be the ultimate truth? No.

The facts are that transgender folks who receive gender affirming surgery are significantly less likely to consider or attempt suicide. People subjected to conversion therapy; which your organization is advocating to legalize and expand, are more likely to consider or attempt suicide.


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