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Slippery Slope or Free Fall?

Dear Friend, I’ve always loved Water Parks and every park usually has a “Geronimo” ride. It’s a very high-sloping water slide. You are thirty to fifty feet high, sitting on a small carpet when they ease you over the precipice and on to the slippery slide with its twists and turns. Friction and gravity eventually bring you to a safe (hopefully) stop.

Geronimo is challenging but nothing compared to the cliff dive. It took me a while to work up the courage to try twenty feet and considerably longer to try the thirty-foot free-fall, especially after I witnessed someone cringing in pain from a belly-flop. Even experienced divers find the effects of gravity difficult to predict and harness, that’s why there are age rules and height restrictions to keep people from getting hurt.

In the past we’ve called the easing of cultural moral standards a ‘Slippery Slope’ because, like Geronimo, once you start down a moral slide there is no stopping. The ride can be unnerving even though you will most likely survive. After reading articles like this one by Brendan McDonald of the New Boston Post, I’d say that culturally we are heading for a cliff and a ‘Moral Free Fall’ that may mean the end of the American Family as we know it. Here is the title of his article.

“Cambridge To Consider More Legal Protections For Polyamorous Relationships”

You are probably wondering what a ‘Polyamorous Relationship is?’ Well, wonder no more, “they are consensually non-monogamous relationships, so-called open marriages, in which partners may live together but do not aim to be sexually faithful to one another. They include, multi-partner/multi-parent families and relationships, diverse family structures, multi-generational households, consensually non-monogamous relationships, and consensual sexual and/or intimate relationships, including asexual and aromantic relationships.”

The only one missing in the definition is the household pet and you can be sure that will eventually follow. I know of one such polyamorous family and I assure you the result is not good for the children or the adults. Polyamorous families are not what God meant by, “it’s is not good for man to be alone.” Christianity and the Judeo-Christian moral code has elevated the family in Western Civilization in sharp contrast to the pagan cultures of the world. In the past we set the standard and we cannot surrender or give it up. Water Park rides may be fun for an occasional thrill but not for daily life. Practicing God’s moral laws on a daily basis will always ensure safety, appropriate pleasure, and a legacy you can be proud of.

Hebrews 13:4 says “Honor marriage, and guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband. God draws a firm line against casual and illicit sex.”

Rhode Island Family Institute is committed to promoting godly values in children and adults through our ‘Porn Free Family Seminars.’ We recently did one in Westerly with eighty in attendance and another in Little Compton with thirty. We would love to visit your church or small group with this seminar just contact me.

For Faith and Family in RI, David Aucoin Rhode Island Family Institute

P.O. Box 15341 401-285-0304


Special Note: We have held two ‘Porn-Free Family Seminars’ with more than 110 attending and the overwhelming response has been very positive! Parents, need this seminar to help their children with the ever-increasing threat of porn in the changing world we live in. Pastors need this because surveys say 73% of Pastors acknowledge Porn to be a serious issue in their church. Presently we are doing these seminars in both Evangelical and Catholic Churches! We need to grow our RIFI FAMILY PARTNERS! Here is how you can help us. Time is now!! Please consider a DONATION using our new giving link on our website:

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