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PICK YOUR BATTLES! – In Rhode Island there are plenty of them…

I have used this phrase often, mostly in the context of parenting. When we are battling with children on multiple fronts, it’s easy to expend your energy quickly and find yourself exhausted. It takes wisdom to know which battles are ‘winnable’ and prioritize them by rather than trying to deal with too many at once.

The same advice will hold true as we enter this year’s legislative session in Rhode Island. The reality is that legislators who share your values are greatly outnumbered and there will be no shortage of battles over issues of FAITH and FAMILY for each of us to engage in. So, we will need to “PICK OUR BATTLES.”

I’m going to list a number of them and challenge you to focus on at least ‘ONE’ that resonates with you. Then join me in praying for victory and engage in the battle in some way. There are victories, we are trying to gain and losses we are trying to prevent. Here’s the list and it’s is not exhaustive by any means.

A Ban on Gender Transition and Surgery for ‘Minors.’ This is at the top of my list - My wife Cyndi and I worked with teens for many years and it breaks our hearts to see teenagers we know personally that have bought into the transgender lies. For many, easy access to puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones have permanently scarred their body and their lives. Teen girls now have 5 o’clock shadows, deep voices, have increased risk for cancer, and are now chemically sterilized. They will never have children as a result of the cross-sex hormones they have been given. The suicide rate for transgenders is almost at 20% due to regret, not because they are not affirmed as some would say.

Did you know the United States is the most permissive country for “minors” to transition? Check out this article… Here’s a list of other battles to choose from. I challenge you to pick one and engage…

  • Tax-Payer funded Abortion is already on the horizon in RI. Please pray for its defeat.

  • Abortion Pill Restrictions: you can get them now through the mail and without a Dr.’s Rx

  • School Sex-Ed Transparency for Parents to Opt-In vs. Opt-Out

  • Protect Girls Sports – Only Biological Girls Can Compete in Girls Sports

  • Students must use bathrooms and showers that match their biology

  • Legislation to Protect Parental Rights: Upbringing, Education and Care

  • Overturn the ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban that makes it illegal to counsel minors away from LGBTQ+ Trans lifestyle

  • Conscience Rights legislation for Medical Practitioners (Doctors and Nurses) who don’t want to participate in gender surgeries or treatment

  • Ban on adding X category to Birth Certificates and driver’s licenses

Here at the Rhode Island Family Institute, we want to help you strengthen your family with resources like this weekly newsletter and our free Parent Resource Guide available on our website . We are also available to speak at your church or small group. Contact me at . For Faith and Family in RI

David Aucoin

Rhode Island Family Institute

Interested in running for School Board?

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