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Don’t you know? Christians are to blame!

The school shooting in Nashville was shocking! But I was even more shocked the next day to find the mainstream media blaming the Christian school where it happened, Christians, and conservatives in general for this horrendous tragedy. Crazy enough, the blame centered on Christians for not supporting gender surgeries for minors and not giving them cross-sex hormones, all of which are known to be harmful physically and mentally and most important spiritually!

And, if that wasn’t enough, this breaking news from Florida went over the top…

BREAKING: Trans activists storm Tallahassee Capitol to demand CHILD sex changes be legal in Florida. Trans Activists today stormed the state capital demanding Trans Rights! They Screamed inside the Florida State Capital holding placards with ‘Cure Transphobia’ and ‘Stop Trans Genocide!’

Our culture is changing so rapidly it almost takes your breath away and the main focus is on sexuality. That should be no surprise with our public schools being inundated with PORN and passing it on to our kids in school libraries and curriculum. The Rhode Island Family Institute wants to help you stand and protect both your kids and your beliefs especially as they relate to your family.

On March 22nd we held our first “Porn Proof Family” seminar at St. Clare’s parish hall in Westerly with 80 in attendance and we want to visit your church also with this much needed presentation. Pediatrician Dr. Michelle Cretella, and Bob Chiaradio, a local child advocate who works to protect parental rights were our presenters.

Dr. Cretella, a nationally known pediatrician, presented the medical facts of what porn is doing physically and mentally to our children along with supplying parents with preventative resources. Bob Chiaradio is becoming known locally and nationally for his efforts to remove pornography from Westerly public schools. He will describe what we are up against in Rhode Island and what parents can do.

Make no mistake, Christians are becoming lightning rods for their moral stand on these issues. But it shouldn’t surprise us. When it comes to morality Christians are the standard bearers or at least, they should be. Did you know that ‘chastity’ was not considered a virtue until Jesus taught that it was? We definitely need to put those biblical values into action and not cave under the pressure!

We have a second presentation of the “Porn Proof Family (PPF)” coming up on May 8th at St. Catherine’s church in Little Compton, RI. Give me a call at 401-285-0304 or email me to schedule wonderful seminar at your church, or small group. Also, we now have a radio spot called “the RI Family Minute” on WARV 92.7 FM and 1590 AM, Monday – Friday, 8:30AM and 4:30PM. Let’s work together to protect our children.

The “Radio Spots” and the “PPF Seminar” materials have a cost. Would you consider sponsoring them with a generous donation to help us in this SPIRITUAL BATTLE for the hearts and minds of our kids. You can GIVE ONLINE by clicking HERE

or mail a check to RIFI at the PO Box below. Your participation will help the Rhode Island Family Institute make a greater impact on RI FAMILIES.

For Faith and Family in RI,

David Aucoin

Rhode Island Family Institute

P.O. Box 15341


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Brian Hall
Brian Hall
2023년 5월 02일

Disgraced "Doctor" Cretella, who you seem to have become quite chummy with... Appears to have some pretty big problems on their hands.

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