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Can YOU Help Us Keep RI Families Strong?

Thank you so much for partnering with the Rhode Island family institute.

This has truly been a challenging year of transition. For many years now, God has given me a burden to help families with difficult issues that are affecting their children in the public schools.

After 37 years, I left pastoring to establish the Rhode Island Family Institute - RIFI (formerly known as the Family Policy Alliance of RI). It has been an exciting year of...

Building non-partisan relationships with state legislators. Introducing 2 bills: “Save Girls Sports” and “Transparency in Sex-Ed.”

Testifying against legislation that would have changed our state’s sex-ed curriculum from being abstinence focused to pleasure-based focused.

Supporting Pro-Life candidates in the mid-term elections.

Serving on a Pro-Life Coalition with 3 of our state’s pregnancy centers and other pro-life organizations. 

This year I have been able to speak to family groups at churches and provided a much-needed biblical perspective on sensitive family issues such as: Gender Dysphoria, Transgenderism and the effects of Recreational Marijuana on RI Youth.

Also we have helped families by establishing a social media presence with many resources on our new website: and a Facebook Group called “Rhode Island Informed Parents.” This is a state-wide resource to inform parents, communities, faith leaders, and taxpayers on critical issues that impact our children’s education and health, parental rights, and the role of parents in education. Our membership has grown to 645 in a short period of time.

Another highlight of our work was joining together with the Ministry Training Network of New England to put together a conference called, “What the Bible Says About Sexuality.” Over 150 pastors and church leaders attended the plenary sessions and workshops.

We are making an impact for the Lord and family life in Rhode Island and we need your help to continue.

Would you consider a generous year end gift and even consider becoming a monthly RIFI partner to help us finish well and keep us going strong throughout the coming year?

David Aucoin

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